Ahhh, the Mess of the Election

I try to stay out of policital discussions and this post will not speak to political issues.  I’ve recently shared a few thoughts on Facebook and I knew I would get some backlash from friends.  That’s just the nature of politics.  Thankfully we live in a country where we can have different opinions and still get along….hopefully.

As a Christian, my hope comes from Jesus. Not a politician. I do believe that we should pray for all people in authority that they can lead well and that we have hope for Christian leaders. But, as a Christian, I believe that my first call is to love.  Love people, and show compassion.  The Bible teaches us over and over again about love and calls us to that.  For this reason alone, I have spoken out against a candidate.

Donald Trump. Ah, the name just makes me cringe. At first, it seemed a fun rouse that someone like him was stepping into the race.  He’d be fun to watch and then fall quickly. MY JAW HAS DROPPED. How did this happen?  How can someone who uses hateful sterotypes of black people, Jewish people, Native Americans, Muslims, and hispanics in his speeches gain such a following of Christians when our first call is love? How can someone who degrades women and talks about his private areas in public have our vote to lead this country? Is a man who openly mocks disabled people showing love?  I know the, “big issues,” that Christians have like abortion and gay marriage are mega-reasons that some feel they have to vote for him.  But really?  He spews hatred to so many.  That to me should trump (pun mega-intended) the, “big,” issues.  Those issues have been around forever and will continue.  I have my views on abortion, gay marriage, immigration, education, and such and have used https://www.isidewith.com/ to determine where my views lie.  I encourage you to do that as well just to make sure you know where you are on the issues.  Then, if you do side most with Donald Trump, look at the person that he is and vote.  If you still vote for him, yes, we can still be friends.  It’s that whole love thing coming full circle at ya.

This post and none of my Facebook posts mean that I am holding a Hillary sign and am all for her.  This entire election is mind-blowing to say the least.  This country is broken, messed up, and has many scars. It was all of that before this election and will continue to be when it’s all over.

For me, I took the poll.  I was actually surprised by the outcome.  In the end, I will have formed a more solid opinion and I will (begrudgingly) make my vote.  But the top of my list has to be the person who I think can lead this country best for all people.

Cringe-worthy read – http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/blogs/550112/donald-trump-quotes.html

NY Times Article – http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/24/opinion/sunday/is-donald-trump-a-racist.html?_r=0
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  1. Faye Davis says:

    Thank you for writing exactly what I’ve been thinking & feeling about this whole “election mess”! Your talents & gifts always impress me! Thank you for inspiring us to be better people!

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