Sober Living Lease Agreements

Please note that Solid Ground Tenant Counselors offers these rental tips as general information to tenants in Washington State. Although we cannot answer questions via the blog, we can give advice over the phone about the right of landlords/tenants in Washington State. If you live in Washington, call the Service Service Notification Line at 206.694.6767 during business hours (M-Th, 10:30 – 13:30, PDT) with your questions, and you answer as soon as possible. I found this room sharing place thoufr, was not informed that it was a sober place and the owner told me that I should not keep rules of life sober. In other words,.. She wanted money. We live in a lot of bed bugs. The manager told me about the window as a show. I`ve got people outside the window. Someone broke into the apartment and she told me I was going to go upstairs. I have to pay double the rent.

Technically, my rent is 500, but I don`t want a roommate. they paid me 1000. The people she is inseminated with are either mentally ill or very addicted to drugs. You refuse to help with anything, but you bother for rent money. Is there anything I can do? She came to my house, too. On some inspection> and took the thing I paid for from the apartment. I am harassed every day by my maid and the owner. Note that this is for WASHINGTON STATE. Don`t ask questions here about other states. Look for your status in a search engine – you`re already on the web right now. That`s my, now — if we`re working on cleanliness and sobriety, the least we can do is a few more minutes to find where WE LIVE resources before we ask people in other countries for help.

Tenants are entitled to the legal eviction process. My proposal is to go to a local legal department for support. If you need help finding the right resource, please call our emergency number at 206-694-6767 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Hello Candice, please call our Message From The Line Services 206.694.6767 with your question, and a tenant advisor will contact you. (Current opening hours are: M – Th, 10:30 – 13:30.) Thank you! Hello, so I was hiking, so a clean and sober house could make you look like a prescription that your psychiatrist prescribed for you for one of your mental disorders In short, although, in most cases, tenants are entitled to a formal trial when it comes to eviction and/or termination, even if they are in violation of rental conditions or behind the rent.