Individual Pupil Funding Agreement

With regard to the individual needs of students, which go beyond what is expected of the normal funding of space and students, the educational offer is intended for students who have been permanently excluded from school or whose needs cannot be met in a school. The CPA is the provider of most alternative services in West Sussex. CPA funding is similar to that of special schools, with an agreed number of places planned plus an increase in the number of students. . In Wirral, the vast majority of children with special educational needs and/or disabilities will have met their needs in their local attitudes, schools or first-year colleges. Only “certain children/adolescents” require an assessment of education, health and care needs to allow the municipality to decide whether to implement regulations under an EHC plan. The assistance needed to meet most of the children`s SEN needs comes from the clean SEN budget for schools, schools or higher education institutions (so-called funding for Elements 1 and 2). In the past, this support was known as school action or school action plus. Full details of what schools will offer children in each category of needs will be included in the Wirrals SEN Toolkit, which will be included in Wirral`s SEN manual (shortly). Under the new code of conduct, the graduated response qualifies this response as SEN support.

It is the responsibility of each school to describe how to use its allocated SEN resources; they intend to meet the needs of the children and youth they have identified in their schools. For a small number of children and adolescents who do not realize the progress they expect as they have taken “relevant and targeted measures to identify, assess and reflect on their specific educational needs,” the local authority will examine the need for an assessment of education, health and health. The education, health and care assessment processes and special school admissions are led by the Hamilton Building`s SEN team. The team is primarily responsible for the completion of plans and works with parents, recruitment and health and social service professionals. Assessments are requested by the educational framework or directly by the parents. The service is for all children and adolescents between the ages of 0 and 25. This team can be contacted by the Children and Youth Department, SEN Section, Hamilton Building, Conway Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 4FD. Tel: 0151 666 4224.

Or click here Following an EHC assessment, most children or youth receive an EHC plan that allows them to access additional budget resources to meet the high needs of boards.