My take on Mandalas

A little while ago, I fell into the world of adult coloring books.  I LOVE IT!  I love to color and it has become my new thing to do.  I am usually too tired to read, I no longer watch much tv, and I spend less time in front of my computer and phone.  Instead, I color.  I got my friends and family together who love to color and started a Facebook group.  It has grown into a large group now, most of whom I do not know.  And that is great!  I love seeing people of all abilities coloring and loving it.

Recently in the coloring world, there has been a blog posted about the popular coloring subject, the Mandala.  According to my short research, the Mandala has primarily Asian origins and is historically found in Hinduism and Buddhism.  The history talks of balance, calmness, peace, purity, devotion, etc.  Some even have colors that symbolize many of these inner struggles we all aspire to.  So, that’s the history I found.  Rich history of cultures and their decorations and the meanings behind it.

Then I saw this article posted on a coloring page I follow and I have also been sent the article and asked about it.

Adult Coloring Books and Mandalas, A Warning For Christians

As a Christian and even a Christian leader in my community, I wanted to take time to air my thoughts since I was asked.  Personally, I have never put much into mysticism, magic, etc.  I know there are forces in this world that exist and try to point us in the wrong direction.  I do not believe a pretty circle of patterns, flowers, hearts, or anything else will speak to me as I color it and let an evil overcome me.  But, I know there are some Christians that firmly believe that they need to stay away from everything that may be deemed mystical.  To me, they are just pretty and I can see how coloring a Mandala can be calming in today’s hustle and bustle.

In the last couple years, my son became good friends with a boy and his family are Jehovah Witnesses.  Because of the friendship and the fact that my son and this boy are both inquisitive and outspoken about faith, I wanted to read up on JW beliefs.  The reason that they do not celebrate is because all celebrations, especially one’s own birthday, are derived from mythical beliefs and paganism.  Christmas traditions are rooted in worship of other gods(something I did know previously from reading).  But, you know what?  I still celebrate.  We party and do gifts.  We have a tree at Christmas.  We even have a Christmas party and you will see decorations about our Savior, as well as Santa and elves.

I believe that Jesus is the son of God, who died on the cross for my sins.  I believe that history changes over time and old relics, traditions, and symbols do not carry the same weight with everyone.  I see a cross and it reminds me of the pain and suffering and enormous gift of Christ’s sacrifice.  Others with different beliefs wear crosses, carry crosses, and various other symbols and believe other things.  I don’t believe a Mandala is evil.  I respect it if you do.  Color it; don’t color it.  Your choice.  Now, if you excuse me, I have coloring to do.
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