I held a syringe with a needle on it again last week.  It brought me back to that September day over 12 years ago when a box full of syringes arrived at my doorstep.  That box was for me.  It was the beginning of fertility treatments that had me doing injections on myself for a couple years as I navigated the world of invitro fertilization.

But this 2015 syringe was not for me.  I held it.  I prepared it.  I pierced the flesh and pushed the plunger to dispense the clear liquid.  This medication was for my mother.  A nurse sat at my kitchen table telling us all about the benefits and the horrible side effects that this new medication could provide as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis.  This fairly invisible disease was a new diagnosis, but had been lingering inside her for probably 20 years.  The symptoms are many and varied, including extreme fatigue, unexplained pains, some memory loss, the inability to process thoughts like you used to, and more.  All invisible symptoms.

Invisible symptoms.

How many of these invisible symptoms do we have?  My home is dealing with many that have a diagnosis –  Multiple Sclerosis, Aspergers, ADHD, ODD, a thyroid condition, anxiety….those are just the medical ones.  But we all deal with aspects of our lives that the outside world does not see on a regular basis.  These special needs of our lives.
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