Blogging…My Introduction

We live in a world of choices and easy influence. Of gray lines and categories that all blend together into a fusion of confusion that makes my head spin. Recipes pouring out of Pinterest and organization tips, crafts, teacher gifts, ways to get my child to behave, and fashion tips that I cannot afford nearly drown me. Then there are the blogs. Everyone has one and everyone has something to say. If you are not one to blog, you still have a twitter account or a Facebook where you can get out any thoughts that you feel like sharing and know that people will hear your voice. So, why would anyone really want to blog? And, if one would want to blog, why would anyone want to read such blog in a world of choices, influence, categories, confusion….well, I have no idea. But here ’tis.

I feel like my life this year is in transition. Maybe it’s because I am approaching 40 and I see fraying edges where I feel I should see perfect lines. Whatever it is, there are changes happening and many thoughts in my head. I’ve always had an interest in writing, but have never kept a journal. I regret that. Maybe it’s laziness. More likely it’s being terrified of what I would write and what would happen should others find it later, or even my own thoughts about reading what I wrote. Blogging seems like a great middle ground. Making my musings available to anyone who wants to, for whatever reason, read them, will help me not to write too many possible offensive things (maybe). And, going back to the fact that I am nearly 40, I have hopes that maturity has brought humility as well.

Thank you for joining me on this new endeavor.  Stick around and I may say something profound.  Or not.  More likely, I will be a bit cynical, a touch sarcastic, outrageously honest, and, most importantly, unashamedly authentic.
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