Not What I Need

I’m eating chips. It’s 11:39. I don’t want to give up the day. This is my time. It happens a lot. It’s probably…no, definitely, the reason that I have swung up a bit on the scale.

I wrote out more Christmas cards. I figured out a few things on the calendar. I had a cup of coffee and more chips.

Then I decided to visit a long lost friend. We haven’t been together in awhile and honestly I have not missed this friend, but I had a need and I thought they would be the one to meet that need. I was incorrect.

As I typed in the word, “Pinterest,” in my browser, my screen lit up with all kinds of cool ideas – food to make, ways to tie a scarf, how to entertain your children, your holiday guests, and your husband. There are home decorating ideas, fashion looks, and crafts that are so awesome that I might like to do them. I clicked on my own name to see what I had on my, “Christmas,” board. I found decoration ideas for womens events at the holidays, fun treats for kids, free printables, homemade gifts ideas, and so much more! But, alas…my friend Pinterest was not what I needed. I closed the window and thought about how I felt. Was I sad that I was not doing these cool things? Was I angry at the moms who do post all the things they do from Pinterest all over Facebook? And on that note, can we agree to stop belittling what we do with the, “It’s from Pinterest, so it wasn’t my idea.” People! If you actually took the time to do that burlap wreath, make those rice krispie snacks shaped like turkey legs, or whatver else YOU did, own it. That was you! Okay, back to me with visiting my old friend…

Things were not once they once were. You see, I have so much happening in my life that I am in a, “blah,” stage with no physical or mental energy. I used to go out of my way to make things look nice (on a budget) and make the cute and fun things. Sometimes I even posted them on Facebook. Maybe you are one of the people who have been annoyed with me posting my Angry Birds shaped babybel cheese snack or my strawberry mice (that was a short-lived phase of after school fun snacks that quickly evolved back into telling them to grab a trail mix or cheese stick). When things like busy days, a husband who works quite a bit, a kindergartener testing her limits (and mine), and various diagnosis of people in my home that I am the caretaker have me not wanting to see my old friend right now because she is not what I need. But my friend is not my enemy. My friend can see other people too. In fact, I encourage it. Let the people who are open to Pinterest love her, share fashion tips, recipes, and fantastic crafts and home décor. I am even good if you post it on your wall for me to see. I’m not jealous. I’m not hurt or guilt-ridden. I’m good. Well, not good because I am dealing with quite a bit in my home, but I have realized I don’t miss her because my real life cannot handle all she has to offer right now.  She is not the friend that I need.
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