Julia’s Story – In Celebration of Her Adoption Day – November 17, 2010

My son is a miracle. Yes, I know all children are miracles, but mine was frozen for 8 months. Yep, that kind of miracle. Sure, he was an embryo when that happened, but he was out cold. Pretty cool, right? Well, that’s not the story I am going to tell you. Though that one was a mess. A beautiful one that ended with the spunkiest little boy ever. No, the one I am going to tell you is different.

I’m currently 40, happy to be my age and overwhelmingly blessed where I am at. But it wasn’t always that way. Raised by a single dad as his oldest, I’ve always been pretty take charge. When cancer took my dad 6 years ago, I was angry at God. A few months after his death, I received a letter that my father had left me a chunk of his pension. I knew right away that money was God placing it in my hand to adopt a child. You see my son, the aforementioned defrosted one, was just barely paid off after bouncing the balance of invitro treatments around no-interest credit cards for years. My husband and I had talked about adoption, but could not afford it.

By December of 2008, we were in the books and hopefully screaming, “pick us!” from our profile book. The agency had told us that the average wait time for a domestic infant with the openness that we chose was about 10 months. So, you know….I was planning on having that baby by at least September! Well August came and we had not had a nibble on our profile. I became angry. I thought, “why would anyone pick the overweight couple who already has a kid when there are probably rich, perfect-looking couples on ski slopes all over those adoption books?” I remember coming to the MOPS Convention in Dallas that year seeing moms wearing t-shirts that were for sale in the Resource Fair with, “Mom,” and then a little number (2,3,4,12…or whatever) and I got so angry and cynical. “What? cbd products I was less of a MOM because there is not a shirt with “just one.” I had a big pity party. I was angry at God. He took my dad and I was sure that the money left was to bring another life into my family and it was not happening!

I decided I was going to quit MOPS. I took my family of 3 to Disney World with some of the dad-money. I told my husband we were going to Denmark for Christmas to see his family. I called our adoption agency and told them we were not renewing our profile. I was DONE. Thankfully, God was not. And He had a cool twist just to show me He had it all under control.

So, I need to detour from me a little to tell you about that. On December 11th, my sister had a baby girl and named her Lillian Kate. My dad loved lillies and I suggested the middle name because we loved the name Kate and had planned to use it if we adopted a girl.

On December 28th, I received a call from our adoption social worker that a birthmom had come in and taken our profile. We were not supposed to be in the book anymore. We should have been pulled. Our social worker let her take our profile home because she really liked us. So he emailed me her first initial and age, some medical stuff, the birthfather info, and said she was due with a baby girl in February. On January 11th, my husband and I went to meet the young woman at the adoption agency. We shook her hand and introduced ourselves and she said said, “I’m Kate.”

My daughter Julia Kate was born in February 2010.
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