The Big Picture

The Big Picture

We moved into a new house a few months ago. One room is…well, is supposed to be…..okay, is one of our favorite things about the house. The huge fireplace covers the entire wall. The floors are beautiful. It even has surround sound should we want to use that in the future.

Last week I was getting ready to leave in the morning and noticed this room not for it’s pretty fireplace or it’s nice flooring. I took NOTICE of what was happening in this room. My beautiful rug was (and still is a week later) tossed to the side in a clump because our dog had peed on it and we cleaned it up and took it outside to dry out. When we brought it in, our son had brought down k’nex and they were all over. Our daughter had toys all over this room. This room was supposed to have just a few very organized toys in it because they both have larger bedrooms now and most toys are SUPPOSED to be upstairs.

I took NOTICE. I noticed toys everywhere – shopkins, pokemon cards, play food, my little ponies, the amount of k’nex not built because interest was lost….and, what I noticed was the big picture. The big picture is that this room IS beautiful. It’s where the kids want to have their toys and play so they are close to where we are. It’s where there is a mess, a beautiful mess of living together and enjoying being together. Even the rug. Our dog is struggling with old age and it’s a reminder to take the time to love on him and show him some grace. My husband has taken over the building of the roller coaster and is loving it. My 5 year old daughter can’t wait until it’s done so she can see it.

Within 10 years, the roller coaster will be forgotten. The little kitchen with it’s plastic food will be gone. A pretty rug will cover the floor. It will be beautiful. But not as beautiful as it is right now.

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