The Dollhouse

My daughter turned 4 last winter and I got an amazing deal on a GINORMOUS, like GIGANTOR dollhouse for her. Santa had brought her a bunch of princess Barbie dolls a few weeks before and they really needed a place to live so I decided to help them out. I mean, princesses can’t live in an IKEA bin in my basement. They are soooo above that.

I spent tons of time scouring deals and after months of searching, found the perfect one. Then, the company made an error and sent an even larger one. GIGANTOR. Oh, I was so excited to give it to her. It has lots of rooms with coordinating wooden furniture. The living room even has a little flat screen tv and a little rug. Rooms with bunk beds, a playroom with a ceiling fan and an art easel. An ART EASEL. Yeah, this dollhouse rocks. I even remade her room and my husband put the dollhouse together while our daughter was at grandma’s house. She got home and loved it and played with it…a little. Actually, her favorite thing to do with her time is to grab the Ipad and go on you tube to watch people play with Barbies and dollhouses. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, go to you tube and type in, “kids Barbie videos.” The woman who does these has the most annoying voice ever…like Caillou and Dora grew up, got married, and had a kid who grew up to do Barbie videos on you tube, annoying voice. After asking my daughter numerous times why she doesn’t go play with her dollhouse, I heard myself say, “Why would you rather sit in front of a screen watching other people play with dolls and dollhouses then have fun and play yourself?” Then it hit me. That’s what I do.

How many hours do I waste in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, reading about other people’s lives instead of living my own life? Ummm, if you know, please don’t tell me…that was totally a rhetorical question. But really. How do we not have time to call a friend for a heart to heart, or prioritize contacting someone for a coffee date, yet we have time to play (insert your current game addiction) and read Facebook for an hour? Why do I not have time to read the chapter I need to go through for my church small group, but I have had plenty of time to watch my shows (with my computer on my lap reading Facebook) this week? I say things about not getting a chance to do that yet. I don’t have time to play a game with my son or do a puzzle right now. I haven’t had a chance to clean that out yet. I am too tired to go do that activity. Why am I watching everyone else play with their dolls when I should be focusing on my own GINORMOUS amount of things I could be doing in my own life? Notice that I don’t say things I, “should,” be doing. I say things I, “could,” be doing. Because God gives us this beautiful world with amazing people and an abundance of creativity and  all sorts of gifts that we could use. We need to use them. Right now.

So, here is a challenge. Think about what you really want to do this week. Are you hungering for connection and a latte? Then call that friend and set something up. If that friend is busy, call someone else that you could see yourself forming a relationship with and get out there and then comment with what you did. Maybe you have enough time out and just want to actually do something from that Pinterest board. Well, make your list and get your supplies or ingredients and get offline and do it. Then take pictures of it and put in on Facebook. That’s okay. It may inspire me to do something too.

Go ahead, play with that dollhouse, it’s fabulous!
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