Make The Difference

Looked down at. Discarded. Mocked, Scorned. Pushed Away. Unclean.

As our President would say, “from a SH**HOLE COUNTRY,” as he defines it.

But I am not writing about the strong and courageous people of Haiti. I am not writing about the Nigerian people who have seen bloodshed among their people this month. I am not writing about the rest of the beautiful continent of Africa in all of it’s diversity of people.

When things of this world start to happen, I have no choice but to look to Christ. The world is upsetting. Leaders who spew hatred with closed minds and doors make my heart plummet. But I have to turn to Jesus and His teachings.

As the news surfaced last night and today about comments from the President of our diverse nation, outrage poured over social media and news outlets, I watched a bit. I saw Anderson Cooper choke up talking about the beloved people of Haiti and all they have been through. I cannot help but think of the amazing mission of the local group Starfysh and it’s leader, Steve, who has a special place in his soul for the people of Haiti. My hearts hurts along with my friend Luper as she cries out to God this month about the slaying of people in her homeland of Nigeria and the tribe she knows so well.

My heart hurts. I know your heart hurts. We know that we don’t know what to do to stop this large ball of horrible words that seems to get larger and gain momentum all the time and we are confused. We are confused. What can we do?

What we can do is be who God calls us to be and follow the example of Christ.

The words I started with are ones that were said about a woman thousands of years ago. Jesus was traveling and, to quote Robert Frost, “took the road less traveled by and that made all the difference.” Samaria was not a country that people traveled through in the time of Christ. The Samarian people were looked down at by the Jewish people. The people of Samaria were called unclean by surrounding peoples. But Jesus chose to travel through Samaria. He stopped at a well to rest and a Samaritan woman came for water at the well. Jesus spoke to her. Jesus SPOKE TO HER. A woman. A Samaritan….from what President Trump would no doubt lump into his list of undesireables, was spoken to by the savior of the world.

This woman was shocked. She was shocked that a man would speak to her. She was floored that a Jewish person would acknowledge her. And, when He told her he was the Savior, her faith led her to drop all she was doing and run to tell her people….her people from the, “sh**hole, country,” of it’s day, that the Savior of the world was here and real and loved her and her people.

Yes. We are confused. And we are angry. We don’t know what to do. Here is what we do.

We live. We show kindness. We mourn with our fellow humans. Perhaps we go out of our way for our brothers and sisters serving in those countries, or who have ancestors from those countries. We find someone less fortunate and we show respect, kindness, and love. No matter how worthy society deems them to be. In the eyes of Jesus we are all broken and unclean and we all deserve love.

People. I don’t care who you voted for. I don’t care if you voted or not. Just because you agree with promises and policies does not mean you have to agree with everything else. That makes no sense. Stand up for people. All people.
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