Wsmc Agreement

Agreements can be sent by fax to 604-681-4364 or by email to: Members are reminded that the WSMC Registration Agreement does not comply with IG guidelines and that signing the Registration Agreement may expose them to risks that are outside the scope of the club`s coverage that requires additional insurance. ECM recommends that owners/operators do not provide WSMC with the MSRC certificate. Since many officers are authorized to register vessels in WSMC, ECM recommends that they also ask the officer to identify NRC and RCSC (if applicable) as OSRO, but they are not allowed to submit an MSRC certificate that designates WSMC as the authorized representative for the allocation of MSRC resources on behalf of the owners. However, the corresponding blocks in Part 1 of the registration agreement indicating the contracted OSRO (MSRC and/or NRC) must always be marked. In addition, members should note that regardless of whether the Washington State Emergency Plan for NRC-covered vessels or the WSMC Registration Agreement is used, it will still be necessary to register with the Emergency Response Towing Vessel (ERTV) for the neah Bay-based tug services before entering Washington State waters other than the Columbia River. By signing an ERTV registration agreement, the owner ensures that the ERTV is on hold whenever one of its vessels calls at a port in Washington State (with the exception of the Columbia River). Washington state law requires this tug to be on standby when visiting a ship. By signing the registration contract, the owner undertakes to sign a contract with the owners of the tug in case the services of a tug are required during a visit. Members should note that the terms of the contract do not comply with the IG Guidelines for Vessel Response Plans and that additional insurance may be required for vessel calls in Washington State waters other than the Columbia River. Those who want details are welcome to contact their club. Please note that vessels must have a VALID COFR (Certificate of Financial Responsibility) from the USCG to complete the WSMC Ship Information Calendar online at WSMC.

Hard copies can be submitted by fax to 206-443-3839 or by email to: or 3. Sign the ERS/ERTV agreement when the member crosses the ERS/ERTV zone. The ERS/ERTV website provides information on the ERS/ERTV, the area covered and the evaluation plans. ECM Maritime Services submitted a letter to the WSMC urging them to remove the authorized representative designation process and the MSRC certificate from the registration agreement, or to revise the wording to make it clear that the process is not necessary. WSMC provides ships with the necessary contingency plan and spill coverage for state waters within 3 miles of the grays harbor coast along the outer coast to Puget Sound. Inclusion in this plan means that the ship`s crew and the owner/operator are required by law to follow the procedures of the master plan in the event of an oil spill or a significant risk of oil spill. Upon registration, the ship will receive a copy of the WSMC field document, which must be kept on board the ship.

The WSMC field document contains specific notification procedures that must be followed in the event of a spill or spill risk. WSMC`s 24-hour phone number is +1 206 448 7557. For more information, please contact your agent or visit the WSMC website at It is only necessary to register for the ERTV once. Therefore, members who have already signed a registration agreement for the ERTV do not need to do so again, but they may need to fill out a new list of vessel information if the vessel in question has not yet called at a Washington port. .