Workshop Agreement Template

This model contract is perfect for anyone who personally organizes workshops. It is imperative that you cover your business when participants travel to your home. This contract includes cancellations and refunds, taxes, communication with students outside the workshop dates, non-responsibility that you do not guarantee automatic results, and much more. Each model is designed and verified by The Legal Paige, LLC, lawyer, created and created specifically for your sector. Each model is created with easy-to-use fill-in-the-blanks for your unique business. We make it easy to identify the information you need to enter with highlightable editable sections. In addition, you`ll have free access to future model updates from The Legal Paige 01. Choose your product – Add to the basket to buy. At check-out, you`ll have instant access to your contract or clause in your inbox.

Don`t wait weeks for the lawyer on the street to design a legal document that you`re not even sure is legitimate.02. Not technically? Don`t worry – go ahead: All you need to do is open the document in Microsoft Word (OR you can even Google Docs!). Here you edit the document with exactly what we have highlighted for you and you will get direct information from The Legal Paige on how to tailor certain clauses to your own business practices.03 Before your next coffee break, you`ve finished machining and you`re ready to download your brand new legally legitimate document into your CRM… which means that you and your customers are protected from all that “and if.” All languages are 100% legally free mumbo Jumbo (aka no complicated legal terms). Put a solid foundation for your business with my current legal advice on the blog. “It`s such a relief to know that I`m covered when it comes to contracts! Paige knows first-hand what it`s like to be a small entrepreneur and has tailored her contracts to EVERYTHING you might need! The investment was for me a “no brainer” and Paige is forever my go-to-girl for contracts! Do you have a question? Wondering how it works? Visit our shop faq page for answers to our most frequently asked questions! “I was completely overwhelmed by his depth and professionalism, so I returned my contract in just a few days! The contract was beautifully executed, and it helped me cover things I would never have thought of alone. I`m so grateful for Paige and I can`t recommend her enough – stop looking and working with her! Once you`re done, you can quickly copy/paste into your customer management software, Google Docs or Microsoft Word to send them immediately to customers. – Booking fee – cancellation of workshop ticket “Paige has a way to confuse and make a contract really useful. It makes it so easy to understand where to put in all your personal information and as in these add extra-important clauses to an existing beef contract. My clients have noticed how easy it is to read their contracts and understand everything in them.

That`s a huge plus for me! »