Queen`s University Faculty Association Collective Agreement

From time to time, parts of the collective agreement are amended by mutual agreement between the contracting parties mentioned in the agreements. The moas that were signed after the collective agreement was printed are listed below as links. If so, the online version of the collective agreement has been updated to reflect these moas. In accordance with section 4.3 of the collective agreement, the version published online is the “official copy of the collective agreement.” Qufa supports the Scholar Strike for racial justice and an end to anti-black police violence and anti-indigenous colonial violence in Canada on September 9-10. We encourage teachers, university librarians and other collaborators to organize their work to join the → Dear Members and reach students. You can find the real agreements on the QUFA website here: QUFA COVID-19 Information We recommend you the letter → Learn More October 16, 2019 Email from Human Resources Department ; on behalf of; VP Finance and Administration Colleagues, The creation of Ontario`s new University Plan (PPU) and the transfer of assets and debts to existing university pension plans is a complex process. The current university pension → find out more. . Dear members of QUFA, you will find two documents relating to the new phase voluntary retirement program, negotiated under the contract for QUFA, to accept the transformation of the Queen`s pension plan into a university pension plan. It should be noted that Queen decided to offer this program → Learn dearer members, There were a number of issues raised with QUFA about the purchase of devices for home offices in light of COVID-19 and remote work. There are a number of options available to pay for the purchase of devices for a home office and manage courses remotely. → More Applications for 2020-2021 are November 1 for the fall semester and February 28 for the winter semester.

The app is now available online. If you have any questions about this benefit, talk to your human resources advisor, not QUFA. The deadlines are strict, so please → more love members of QUFA, As we approach the beginning of autumn 2020, it is clear that everyone is working hard to achieve a distant term. Given the number of new developments and uncertainties in switching to distance delivery of courses, we have noticed many communications, sometimes contradictory or confusing, → more love for the executive representatives and the Qufa Council, if you or colleagues travel to the United States or return to Canada with electronic devices containing sensitive research data, please take a moment to read CAUT`s latest travel recommendation. Thank you for sharing this with your networks. To read the CAUT Travel Council, click on → Read more Dear Members, please note that the new Qufa-Queen`s University Collective Agreement will begin on May 1, 2019.