Civil Union Partnership Agreement

In 2004, Senator Maria Szyszkowska proposed a bill to legalize same-sex citizens` unions in Poland. The bill was approved by the Senate, but never voted on by the Sejm, because the Sejm Marshal at the time, W.Zimierz Cimoszewicz, did not put it into deliberation. In 2013, Bisbee was the first city in Arizona to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples. [163] After its adoption, the state`s Attorney General, Tom Horne, threatened to challenge the law in court on the grounds that it was contrary to the state constitution. [164] However, the Attorney General agreed to withdraw the challenge after Bisbee amended the law and the civil union`s bylaw was approved. [165] If you are 16 or 17 years old, you need the consent of any parent with parental responsibility and a legal guardian to register a registered partnership. If civil unions are considered equivalent or comparable to marriage, they grant you the same rights for immigration purposes: your registered partner has the right to come with you if you move to those countries. You can declare your registered partnership at any registry office or any location approved for the registration of life partnerships. The registration of life partnerships is automatically approved wherever the civil status has been authorized. Non-religious places cannot decide whether or not they want to enter into a civil partnership when organizing weddings. That would be illegal discrimination. (a) The Director of Public Health imposes the application, licence and certification form for a civil union.

Civil unions are often criticized as “separate but equal,” with critics saying they separate same-sex couples by forcing them to use a separate institution. Supporters of same-sex marriage argue that the difference in treatment between same-sex couples and other couples under the law allows for lower quality treatment and that there would be no reason to have two separate laws if the unions were identical to the marriage. A New Jersey commission that reviewed the state`s civil union law said the law “invites and encourages unequal treatment between same-sex couples and their children.” [7] Some have suggested that the creation of civil associations open to same-sex couples would avoid the accusations of apartheid. [8] These were still criticized as “separate but equal” by former New Zealand MP and feminist Marilyn Waring, as same-sex couples are excluded from the right to marry. [9] “Civil Union Certificate”: a document certifying that the persons mentioned on the certificate have established a civil union in accordance with this chapter.